The Pizzle Hits 250,000 Pageviews!

Hey, clowns!

Eating glue sticks and frying packing peanuts to make Cheetos are really cool things to do every week, but today, I’m going to take a quick break and get some rest.

I’m getting over a cold from this weekend and my stress levels about things like money, survival, and rectal prolapses are starting to get to me. As the greatest food blogger in the world, it is very important for me to consider butt stuff when it comes to food.

Your father considers butt stuff every five minutes. Your mother is currently doing butt stuff right now, and it isn’t with your father.

Scopejitos Mojito Cup Harvey Bee Hug

However, I did notice something pretty terrific: The Pizzle has hit 250,000 pageviews!

Does that actually mean anything? I have no idea. It sounds good, at least. It’s certainly much better than zero views, which I imagined The Pizzle would get when I started it.

But hey, writing for you guys makes me really happy, and knowing I make a few of you laugh on a regular basis has made it all worth it the effort. The really encouraging emails, Twitter shoutouts (I’m here, by the way), and Paypal donations have made my life so much easier, especially during the hardest times of my life. Of course, then I’ve also gotten to meet a bunch of you in person too (including someone pretty special ), and I’ve never felt more loved.

So after my breather this week, I’ll be back with something horrid next Tuesday. It’ll probably kill me.

Here’s to 250,000 views and maybe 1,000,000 someday, as long as I don’t accidentally off myself in the process.


Dannis Ree


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