Where’ve You Gone, Dannis?

I feel like a total asshole. Because I know there’s a lot of you that have waited for me to come back and write more.

Here’s some great news: I’m still writing. Yes, the same stuff, and everything. I just switched platforms to something called Substack.

Substack is a newsletter and blog system all wrapped up in one, which means every new post I create gets sent straight to your inbox! I didn’t realize people still read email newsletters, but I guess it’s a thing.

The other thing about Substack is that…

I can finally get paid for what I’m doing. I’ve sunk a lot of money into webhosting, purchasing ingredients, and buying and testing out kitchen equipment. On Substack, if you’re so kindly inclined, you can actually pay for a subscription to support me. Many of you have subscribed already.

But, paying is not required! Almost all the content is free (especially the best stuff), and the paid content is a gift from me to you — for one paid-only piece I put a Big Mac into my Instant Pot for a full hour, for example.

As of this moment, there’s 20+ new posts on there (I tried to actually integrate The Pizzle into it but failed somewhat). I’ll figure it out someday, after I’m dead.

So come see me and Davida in the new digs!

Welcome to Food is Stupid. I’ll see you there.

PS. No, The Pizzle isn’t being taken down. I’m leaving it up.

PPS. If you need motivation, I need you to know that we just made White Russians out of kitten formula.


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